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it makes sense to use a chartered planning consultant.

Why Use a chartered planning consultant?

Why use a Chartered Planning Consultant? Most people, most of the time do not need to engage in planning matters, so that when a situation, opportunity or concern arises concerning the use or development of land or buildings, it can be daunting to know simply what is the best course to take.

The ‘planning process’ can be long, involved, sometimes expensive and often stressful for those involved, so why use a chartered planning consultant? Planning issues can be complex, involve many other parties and require an understanding of legislation, policy and site constraints in order to properly represent your position. There can be many perspectives in planning cases and it is important that an understanding is developed of others’ positions in order to best inform your actions and choices.

By instructing a Chartered Planning Consultant who is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) you can be assured that your aspirations or concerns will be afforded the utmost care and that your interests will be treated professionally and responsibly. Members of the RTPI operate to a strict code of professional conduct that should ensure you are always represented to the highest of standards. Graham Bradford was elected to the RTPI in 1993, and its code of conduct underpins the approach of PES in client relations.

PES’s in-house professional experience also means you would benefit from a wealth of practical experience and considered professional judgment across a wide range of complex planning issues. Ultimately, experienced professional judgment can be where added value is most significant in appointing a Chartered Town Planner. A chartered planner should help you understand the various positions involved and the relative strengths or weaknesses of your own and other parties’ case(s). Instructing a Chartered Planner can help widen your own perspectives and potential solutions for development potential, or enhance your case in respect to third party proposals.

Appointing a Chartered Town Planner can never guarantee a successful outcome in planning cases, but it should guarantee that your best interests are properly represented and inform your understanding of pertinent considerations and help you to take proportionate action in full understanding of the wider context and ‘risks’ involved. We understand your involvement in the planning process is likely to be very important to you and potentially be financially significant. Our accessible and honest approach to representing our clients would fully reflect these shared concerns.

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