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Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning

PES has extensive experience working in areas where planning policy, development management and landscape contexts interact. We work independently or in partnership with other landscape professionals depending on the study needs.

As a Chartered Town Planner, PES Director Graham has worked extensively on landscape planning and landscape-focused commissions across England and Scotland, often in close partnership with experienced landscape professional Anthony Brown MLI of Bayou Bluenvironment Limited.


landscape Planning Overview


PES carries out authoritative, bespoke landscape character and landscape sensitivity / capacity assessment work on behalf of Local Planning Authorities. Protection and enhancement of landscape character, visual amenity and assessment of a landscape’s capacity to absorb development proposals at local or larger scales can be important components in delivering locally responsive sustainable development.

Securing local distinctiveness and developing sense of place underpins PES’s working philosophy in landscape commissions.



The combined skills within our multidisciplinary landscape team have delivered many authoritative and insightful reports and guidance to planning authorities and Government agencies, including the advancement and adaptation of landscape assessment methodologies, sensitivity studies and designation reviews.

PES has worked extensively on strategic landscape sensitivity in relation to wind energy development and settlement capacity studies.
Our work has been successfully carried out for clients within highly sensitive locations such as National Parks, AONBs and National Scenic Areas (Scotland) where conservation priorities may underpin planning policy.

Elsewhere we provide landscape advice across non-designated landscapes. Here, new development can be positively guided by understanding landscape sensitivity and capacity for change, conserving locally important character but also delivering positive change.


Landscape Character and Capacity Assessments underpin landscape planning in the UK, reflecting national planning policy and the European Landscape Directive. Spatial plans are expected to reflect the distinctive landscape context of their areas. PES is able to support LPAs in delivering informed and informative landscape assessments and sensitivity/capacity studies which will facilitate spatial policy development.

PES utilises Geographic Information Systems (GIS) generated landscape mapping outputs, allowing client organisations to integrate our research and assessment findings within existing spatial datasets.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) prepared by developers in support of planning proposals can benefit from independent expert assessment in relation to methodology and conclusions reached. PES in partnership with landscape professionals can offer assistance to LPAs and other interested bodies in relation to independent assessment of the robustness of LVIA statements.

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